Friday, 8 January 2016

0 Being Discipline

We and smartphone are best friends!! Some people can just live with their phone 24 hours a day.
I was just one of them until my car being broke and i lost my smartphone. After losing it, i realiased that it is not worth it to spend alot of time with phone then family.. So,redha jela.. Alhamdulillah dapat replacement smartphone dengan tablet. Bukan tak nak replace dengan smartphone but the mood to use smart phone has gone for a moment.. To educate our self, we have made a rule in the house

Actually banyak lagi rule nak buat, tapi buat sementare waktu educate kan rule ni dulu. Kesian dekat Khaulah bile umi abi die busy men phone and tablet. This rule is for khaulah. :)

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