Wednesday, 27 January 2016

0 When Life Gets Tough

Life is tough...
Be tougher!!!

A lot of things is happening early of the year.
Starts with less of income cause of the University policy is change for GRA student.
It looks really hard for further study in PHD cause lack of money and sponsors.

Do student will continue their studys if they need to take loan from degree to PHD?
PTPTN kan ade.... TOLONGLAH!!!
If it is a scholarship then doesnt matter k. But the interest is killing!!

If there is less student for research, master and PHD, how are university will survive.. 
Economy problem is really bad. It does effect us all. With high cost of living with less of income.
Every day is a day of HOPE!!
Hope that all will be better..

Yesterday, while driving back home, i was thinking, was all this happening because we are taking things for granted?
Do we perform solah at early of time?
Do we remember Allah in everything we do?
Do we wake up at ningt for tahajudd?
Do we read Quran everyday?
Are we really being patience? 
Are we a good muslim?

Every morning
ALLAH give us chance to change
A change to be different
A chance to be better
And most of all
A chance to start over

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