Thursday, 21 May 2015

0 People Nowdays

smartphone is one of the most important thing that been used everyday.. without smartphone live will be just like over..

well.. im one of the person that are reall addicted to smartphone without realizing what it has done to.. it tooks my time alot. being on smartphone.. game playing of course at most of the time..

One day i lost my smartphone. its just not there!! my live is like !&*&^%$#@.. but than i try to overcome my problem. think what is more important in live than smartphone. i get to solve my problem and not addicted to it anymore

i have replace my smartphone with tablet. its a gift from hubby. well, u still need this type of gadget for work, business and etc. for me now, its ok to have gadget. but u need to control it. done let it control ur life :)

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